32nd Annual Juried Old Church Fine Arts Show


When “the virus” brought the world to a halt, we said,

“Let there be art!”


For 31 straight years, a juried Fine Arts Show was a Fall feature in Historic Old San Ysidro Church. Some of New Mexico’s finest artists showcased their creations, nestled within the warmth of the adobe walls, for nine days in early October as overhead colorful balloons filled the skies.

Plan B—The show must go on(line)! 

In this 32nd year, the 2020 Fine Arts Show will not be undone! It will go online! Still with remarkable creations and noteworthy artists, the show will be seen on screen—same time, sans balloons.  ARTWORK IS AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE OCTOBER 1-31, 2020. Until then the art will be on hold, but available for viewing.  When making a purchase contact us to arrange with the artist for at-cost shipping or curbside pickup.

A win all around 

Artists need venues to strut their stuff. When they sell a piece at this show, 25 percent of their sales are donated toward preservation and maintenance of the Old Church so that this 150-year-old historic structure will be around for centuries to come. As an art enthusiast you get zoom-in viewing and enjoyment of exceptional art, plus knowing your purchase helps both the artist and Old Church as it brings years of visual pleasure in your special space.  To make a separate tax-deductible donation towards the preservation and maintenance of the Old Church go to https://www.corraleshistory.org.

31st Annual Winter Craft Show

Corrales Historical Society once again partners with Corrales Society of Artists to bring this outstanding fine crafts event to Corrales and Historic Old San Ysidro Church.

This year, a heated 30-foot by 60-foot tent on the church grounds will conveniently concentrate all vendors in one area. Corrales Society of Artists members, last year’s Winter Craft Show vendors, and Makers Market participants are invited without review to apply for booth space in the show. Any new artist must provide three (3) photographic examples (send digital examples to carol@rigmark.com) of their work that is to be sold. Each entrant must provide an application and fee.

Deadline for entry is November 1, 2019. Applications will be taken until all booths are gone. A wait list will be available. Artists will be notified of acceptance by email. For any unaccepted application, the fee will be refunded to the applicant. All work must be handmade by the crafter or artist. Eligibility: jewelry, woodwork, pottery, fabric, photos, paper, paintings and other fine crafts. Artists will handle their own setup, sales and takedown. Neither the show hosts nor the Village of Corrales will be responsible for loss or damage of work. All entrants must sign a liability waiver at setup. Evening security will be provided.

For more information: Diane Cutter at 505-717-1233 or Carol Rigmark at 505-890-8879 or visit

CorralesHistory.org and click on “Winter Craft Show.” A 10% donation, based on all sales collected by the close of the show on December 8, will be requested from each artist. This contribution goes to the CHS Old Church Preservation Fund.


31st Annual Old Church Fine Arts Show

31st Annual Old Church Fine Arts Show

The Corrales Historical Society and the Corrales Society of Artists invite all artists who are residents of New Mexico to apply for admission to the 31st Annual Old Church Fine Arts Show from October 5 to 13, 2019 in Corrales, New Mexico.

Application Dates: Jul 1, 2019 - Jul 31, 2019

The Old Church Fine Arts Show is a juried exhibition with a long reputation for high-quality artwork that coincides with the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta each October. We expect many local and out of town visitors looking for art and entertainment after the daily mass ascensions at Balloon Fiesta Park each morning.

The Corrales Historical Society and The Corrales Society of Artists will produce this beautiful art event to help maintain our San Ysidro Church an adobe historical treasure


We welcome submissions of fine art photography, painting & drawing, printmaking, collage, three-dimensional sculpture, and ceramics.

The art pieces must all be for sale with a 25% portion of all proceeds going to help restore and maintain the Old Church. This historic adobe building is property of the village of Corrales. A distinguished jury will review and rate the work online.

All New Mexico artists are eligible to apply.

Juried Art Services:   https://www.juriedartservices.com/index.php?content=registration&event_id=1598

CAST Sponsors Children’s Art Program

Corrales Art and Studio Tour proudly presents the Art Kites from students in the 4th grade Art class of Tricia Larese at Cottonwood Montessori School and the 5th grade class of Terry Kominiak at Corrales Elementary School.  Students discussed the concept of cultural use of imagery for totem representation and were asked to thoughtfully choose a totem for themselves and write a haiku about it.  They painted their kites with their image, then assembled the kite to the spars.  The kites will be on display with the CAST artist's representative works in the Corrales Art and Studio Tour preview gallery, May 3-5 at Casa Vieja on Corrales Road.  During the week after the studio tour, the kites will be returned and the students will fly their kites for the first time.

Pop Up Treasures in CORRALES – ARTS ALIVE! – April 7

The theme is appropriate - “Pop Up Treasures”. It’s a fitting description of the format for the one-day Arts Alive! event. The upcoming Arts Alive! in Corrales will be April 7 (1:00 – 5:00 p.m.) Restaurants, galleries and shops will be open with special bargains for visitors. Wineries will be also be offering a tasting of their excellent local wines.

The Corrales Society of Artists is proud to support Pop Up Treasures. 14 CSA artists will display their work at the historic Casa Vieja Event Center. They will show their work and be personally available to discuss art and their work in particular. Displayed art will include paintings, photography, pottery, fiber art, jewelry, fused glass and metal sculpture. Artists include Sylvia Gormley, Lauren Deyo, Linda Dillenback, Urey Lemen, Cheryl Cathcart, Renee Gentz, Myra Gadson, Terri Garcia, Linda Boyes, Liz Roberts, Dave Sabo, Justin Kirby, Pat Kirby and Ken Duckert. Small and large scale work will be on display, something for every budget.

This Casa Vieja art exhibit will actually be a two-day weekend event and will include Saturday, April 6, 3:00 – 8:00 p.m.

Casa Vieja is a lovely, historic New Mexican adobe. It is the perfect venue to check out art. Built in the 18th century, Casa Vieja is Albuquerque’s premier historic event space. Casa Vieja was originally used as a home by Salvador Martinez on land purchased as part of the Alameda Land Grant from Juan Gonzales Bas. It’s been beautifully restored by Linda, Gary and Maria Socha. Gary recently introduced several craft beers brewed on site and Casa Vieja is now open to the public on Thursday – Saturday, 5:00 – 8:00 p.m. Gary’s six craft beers, selected New Mexico wines and food will available during the exhibit

This will be the most enjoyable time for visitors. Casa Vieja is located at 4541 Corrales Road, Corrales.


Arts Alive! – Casa Perea

CSA again had a very prominent presence in the third Corrales Arts Alive! event on Sunday, March 3 at the Casa Perea Art Space. Martha Egan, the owner of Casa Perea graciously invited CSA artists to show their art at the beautiful and historic adobe that is home to her Pachamama business. Martha has been offering a fine selection of Central and South American art, crafts and antiques for over 50 years in Corrales and Santa Fe. Casa Perea is one of the perfect venues in Corrales to show art. All of the participating artists were pleased and honored to show their art there.

Artists included Ivana Starcevic, Paul Rodenhauser, Bill Monthan, Victoria Mlady, Kate Palmo, Sharon Rutherford, John Boyes, Sue Ellen Rael, Ken Duckert, Ric Speed, Carol Mell, Amy Ditto, Glen Smith, Dave Sabo and Krysteen Waszak. Artists received wonderful support from managers Bernadette and Oscar Caraveo.

As was the case with last month’s Arts Alive! exhibit at ExNovo, the attendance was robust. Over 300 visitors were counted during the day-long show. Spirits were high and conversation was lively. The theme for the event was the Art of Chili. Five galleries and businesses offered tastings of chili prepared by Corrales chefs. Everyone reported strong traffic. Event planners counted this event as a grand success and a continuation of what is hoped to be a long-lived, monthly activity.

As CSA participates in more Arts Alive! events, more CSA artists will be invited to participate.




There will be a gathering of distinguished local artists at Casa Perea in Corrales on Sunday, March 3rd from 1:00 – 5:00 p.m. 15 local artists will show their work and be personally available to discuss art and their work in particular. Displayed art will include paintings, photography, ink printing, iconography, encaustic art, and metal sculpture.  Artists include Dave Sabo, Glen Smith, Krysteen Waszak, Ivana Starcevic, Paul Rodenhauser, Bill MonthanJohn Boyes, Victoria Mlady, Sharon Rutherford, Ric Speed, Sue Ellen Rael, Carol Mell, Kate Palmo, Amy Ditto, and Ken Duckert. Small and large scale work will be on display, something for every budget.

The Corrales Society of Artists is proud to be a sponsor of this event. Casa Perea is a lovely historic adobe surrounded by scenic gardens. It is a perfectly wonderful venue to show art. Casa Perea is also the home of Pachamama, a store named for the Earth Mother of the Andes. Pachamama is dedicated to presenting the best and most beautiful handmade Latin American Folk Art, new, old or vintage. Pachamama works personally and directly with the artisans who make the art they sell.

The theme for this Arts Alive event is the Art of Chili. Local chefs will offer their best chili recipes in hot competition. Restaurants and galleries will be open with special bargains for visitors. Our wineries will be also be offering a tasting of their excellent local wines.

This will be the most enjoyable time for visitors. Casa Perea is located at 4829 Corrales Road, Corrales.


Bill Monthan
Sharon Rutherford
Ric Speed
Glen Smith
Sue Ellen Rael
Ivana Starcevic
Kate Palmo
John Boyes
Dave Sabo
Paul Rodenhauser
Ken Duckert
Krysteen Waszak
Carol Mell

Corrales Makers Market

Accepting Applications for the 2019 Corrales Makers Market

The Corrales Makers Market is an outdoor market that operates alongside the Corrales Growers Market (Sundays 9am-noon) featuring high-quality handmade items.

CSA values the Makers Market and believes it offers CSA members an important and productive venue to show and sell their art. With the large crowds coming to the Corrales Growers Market, artists have experienced robust sales even with a short operating time. Planning for a three-hour sales window, artists are advised to consider going light on displayed art to expedite set up/tear down. The Makers Market is affordable and a good deal.

The 2019 market will extend from Sunday, June 16 through Sunday, October 27, skipping Sunday, September 29 for the Corrales Harvest Festival. Market fees are $120 for the season if you pay before June 8 and $140 for the season thereafter. Active CSA members receive an additional $15 discount. Application documents and market rules are available on the Corrales Makers Market website (www.corralesmakersmarket.org) under the Vendor Application menu option.

We promote Corrales as a Sunday destination through our Sundays in Corrales page on the market website. If you have a Sunday event, such as an artist reception or workshop, that you would like listed on this page, please send an email to tammy@corralesmakersmarket.org.


Vendor Application menu: https://www.corralesmakersmarket.org/vendors

Sundays in Corrales page: https://www.corralesmakersmarket.org/sundays-in-corrales-2

Featured Artist

Featured Artist: Kevin Black


Describe your primary medium and describe why you’ve chosen it for your artwork.

I have been a full-time professional photographer for the past 40 years. Although I shoot in digital currently, my art work is produced in the process known as tintype or wet plate photography that has its origins in the 1850’s as one of the First viable photographic processes.

When did you start working with this medium? How did you get introduced to this medium?

I started to learn tintype about 5 years ago when I started to notice other artists utilizing it and was drawn to the romantic and enigmatic aspects of the imagery.

Did you teach yourself or do you have formal education?

I actually have a college degree in photography from Rochester Institute of Technology. I graduated in 1976 and majored in commercial studio photography. For tintypes, I studied under Quinn Jacobson in Colorado.  You never stop learning this process as I mix my own chemistry as well as the collodion that is applied to clean glass or metal where the images is formed.

Have you always worked with this medium? What other media have you used?

When I started back in the 70’s I shot in Film and then moved to digital when Film started to become unavailable. I continue to shoot digital for my advertising and design clients which I still serve. I shoot tintype for my artistic expression and dabble in other historic and alternative processes such as platinum/palladium, orotone and cyanotypes.

How much time do you devote to your artwork?

I am a full-time photographer and I shoot tintype for various self-directed art projects, shows and clients. I’m always working and creating.  I love what I do.  It is challenging and so much fun.

What is the most rewarding aspect of what you do?

I get to work for myself. I’ve been blessed for all of my professional life to make a full-time income from my photography and creative expression. I love my clients in the advertising world and love what I do in the artistic world for myself.

What are your sources for ideas and inspiration?

I am always coming up with ideas that I see in my mind’s eye.  There is so much to see and express.  Whether it is the human condition, the beauty of a single Flower or the beauty within a fellow human, there is much richness that can be expressed in an image.

What obstacles do you encounter as an artist? How do overcome challenges?

Sometimes the challenges are technical. Tintypes are hand crafted images that I photograph on metal plates. Many times I image on black glass and those are called ambrotypes. I mix all the chemistry from recipes from the 1800’s. I make and then pour the collodion on this glass plate and make the one of a kind image on that glass plate while still wet (hence the name wet plate). The biggest challenge is the temperature and humidity in New Mexico, but I have a custom-made tintype trailer darkroom that is fully equipped with air conditioning, heat, safelights, stereo, fresh and gray water, electricity, etc.  This enables me to shoot anywhere-and I do!

Do you know what the Finished artwork is going to be when you start? Do you ever just work from spontaneous impulse?

I try to visualize the Finished image in my mind and work with drawings, Pinterest boards are really good to show my clients and models.  I’m a bit of a control guy-hence the 40+ years as a studio photographer. Wetplate is encouraging me to be more spontaneous.

Do you have a philosophy about producing art?

I encourage folks to Find their artistic passion and follow that. Failure is human and art is an expression of humanity.

Do you collaborate with other artists and if so, how does that happen?

Many times I utilize models and wardrobe artists. My art is very personal, but I love feedback.  For my commercial work, I oftentimes collaborate with a ton of crew, hair, makeup, wardrobe, sound techs, gaffers, food stylists, etc.

Do you show your work commercially? If so where? Do you produce your art for a living or is it more of an avocation?

Everything I do is for some kind of Financial incentive.  My commercial work has paid the mortgage and kid’s colleges for a long time.  The ‘art’ photography is starting to get traction with grants, residencies and commissions.  I have lots of venues for the work, just contact me and I’ll provide a list.

What advice would you give aspiring artists entering the Field?

Shoot, fail, succeed, shoot a ton more, rinse and repeat. Get feedback, but listen most importantly to yourself.  Honor your vision. Do not isolate yourself too much. Love your community, your family and be engaged in this beautiful world. There is a ton of inspiration around and inside you.

What else do you want to say to help introduce you and your work to our readers?

Please visit my websites and social media sites and comment. Hope to see everyone on the Corrales Art Studio Tour in 2020.