Corrales is known as a special place where artists come to live, create, show and sell their art. Corrales provides a quiet, classic rural New Mexican setting. For the past 20 years, Corraleno artists have hosted studio tours and a variety of art shows. Initially, the Corrales Art Studio Tour (CAST) began in 1998 under the direction of Pauline Eaton. Today, CAST is one of the largest and most successful studio tours in the Southwest. The Corrales Society of Artists (CSA) was officially formed in 2007 as the need became apparent for more formal organization and management of CAST.  Today, CAST hosts over 80 artists, five galleries and two elementary schools annually.

CSA, with its 100-plus member artists, is a federal and state 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization. Members are juried in from all over the state of New Mexico and are full-time and part-time artists from all walks of life exploring their creative spirit and everything in between. Some CSA members have been perfecting their skills their entire lives while others are just beginning their journey into the arts.

CSA works closely with other local organizations and businesses. CSA has endeavored to create partnerships with those engaged in art, education and cultural events in Corrales. The creation of the 25-member Corrales Arts Partners is a good example of one such effort. In 2018, Corrales was invited to participate in New Mexico’s Art and Cultural District (ACD) Program. CSA played a major role in the successful development of the Corrales ACD application. The invitation for Corrales to participate in this program formalized what everyone had been saying for a long time – Corrales is a Southwestern destination for art and culture.