The mission of Corrales Society of Artists (CSA) is to foster a vibrant and distinctive artistic community in Corrales and New Mexico by promoting, exhibiting, and providing venues for selling the work of emerging and established artists through art exhibitions and educational programming, and by serving as a resource to all who seek to expand their appreciation, knowledge, understanding and enjoyment of art.


Membership in CSA is open to fine artists and crafts persons upon admission into membership by the CSA Membership Jury Committee. All work for display in organization events must be original work/art by the exhibiting member artist. The following media ARE NOT allowed:

  1. Commercial, manufactured or kit work, including use of commercial molds, patterns, blanks or dies.
  2. Commercially manufactured art tiles or note cards that are not created from the artist’s original work.
  3. Machine screened patterns, mass production or factory produced wearable goods.
  4. Glass forms of mass production.
  5. Commercial casts, molds, or production work for precious jewelry (silver, gold, platinum, etc. and precious or semi‐precious stones).

Collaborative Work

Artists often work with other artists in both the creative development and implementation of a single piece of art or body of work. The following membership options are available to these artists:

  1. If each artist wants individual voting privileges, each artist must apply for separate membership.
  2. If the artists are collaborating on a specific work in the same medium, only a single membership is required, with all names listed on the application. However, only one artist will have voting privileges.
  3. If each artist works in different disciplines (e.g., fiber versus glass, sculpture versus painting, etc.), each artist must apply for membership.
  4. If each artist works in the same discipline, but styles, techniques, etc. are distinctly different, each artist must apply for membership.
  5. If the artist uses non‐artists or assistants to help in their work (e.g., framing, set‐up, cleaning, etc.), only a single membership is required, with all names listed on the application. However, only the artist will have voting privileges.

Application for CSA Membership

Membership applications and fees can be submitted online at the CSA website. Applications can also be downloaded from the CSA website. It is only necessary for one application to be completed regardless of the number of mediums being submitted; however, the artist-member will be entitled to only one membership and one vote and will be assessed only one annual membership fee. Membership fees for CSA are $60.00 per artist-member annually for the CSA fiscal year of July – June and are not prorated. As part of your membership, you may participate in the CSA websites; have voting privileges; and may participate in all CSA sponsored activities (CAST, Old Church Fine Arts Show, Winter Craft Show, ART|CORRALES, etc.) Additional booth and entry fees may apply as each event has specific participation guidelines.

A State of New Mexico CRS (gross receipts tax) number, your signature waiving all insurance liability responsibilities and certifying that you are the sole proprietor of all rights in and to the artwork is required on the application. In addition, you must submit an email containing a minimum of five (5) jpeg digital images 150 dpi and 1200 pixels on the shortest side) of EACH medium you intend to exhibit. Furthermore, we expect the images will be sharp and clearly show the artwork.

Each image must be labeled using the following format: Last Name, First Name, Artwork Title

Images not meeting these standards will not be accepted. If the artist maintains a website with high quality images of artwork, providing a link to it in the application would be very helpful in the jury process.

It is important that the samples you provide reflect the quality of your current, original work as closely as possible for the jurying review process. Include images of your best work.

Regarding your process: The Jury is very interested in knowing the details of the approach and process you use in creating your artwork. The application asks for a description of your process. Be sure to include the important and essential highlights of your creative process on the application.

The Membership Jury Committee Process

The Membership Jury Committee is comprised of several members that are professional artists with extensive experience in various art forms and media. Each application and artwork are given a thorough review by the individual Committee members. The review criteria are:

  1. Originality (creativity)
  2. Craftsmanship (skilled and innovative in the construction and/or use of materials resulting in fine art or high-quality craftwork)
  3. Composition (effective use of forms or abstract techniques)
  4. Elements of art (line, color, space, form, media, texture)
  5. Unity and variety (balance of elements, repetition, visual rhythm)
  6. Aesthetic vision and results (art or craft work which enhances or adds to its surroundings)
  7. Degree of difficulty
  8. Control and execution of medium

Applicants should understand that their work is being fairly reviewed based solely on the merits of materials presented. In addition, the applicants might anticipate questions from the jury committee if it is unclear how their art or craft work is constructed or accomplished. The applicant could facilitate the application process by providing a detailed description of their artwork development process along with the application to assist the jury committee in its deliberations. The artist will be informed as whether he/she has been accepted or not accepted as a member of CSA. At times, the Jury Committee may ask for artwork to be submitted for a brief in person evaluation.

Timing of Membership Application Review Process

The Jury Committee will review applications monthly. Each application will be reviewed within 30 days of its receipt.

The applicant will be notified of the Committee’s decision by email or phone. When an applicant is successfully juried, directions will be provided for the applicant make an online payment of membership dues.

The jpeg digital images (150 dpi and 1200 pixels on the shortest side) of artwork should be emailed to: Images not meeting these standards will not be accepted. Please include your name and the fact that the email includes photos for jurying in the Subject field.