Corrales Art and Studio Tour

Sad to say, due to the COVID-19 virus the Corrales Studio and Art Tour has been cancelled for 2020. Fees will be refunded to all participants. Because of the uncertainty of how long the need for social isolation will last, we are not going to re-schedule for 2020. Hopefully by next May we will be able to host CAST 2021.

2019 CAST - Another Successful Event!

The Corrales Art and Studio Tour (CAST) is one of the premier art events in New Mexico.  Artists show their work in their studios, work spaces, wineries and galleries in the village of Corrales.   The 2019 CAST was held on May 4th and 5th.  The Preview Gallery is the starting point for the tour.  It was hosted in the historic Casa Vieja event center.  In the preview gallery art patrons can find a sample of art of all of the artists participating in the tour.


Last year there were over 80 artists showing their work in 38 venues around Corrales.  With this many artists, virtually every medium imaginable is represented.  The combination of such a diverse set of artists and the charm of the village of Corrales makes it a wonderful way to spend the day.  In fact, the lure of this combination inspired the local PBS station, KNME, to make the Corrales and Studio Tour the subject of a major segment on the show Colores.  The segment did a masterful job of capturing the tour from the perspective of four distinctly different artists and mediums.  The segment can be viewed here.


For those who did not get to visit the preview gallery, the Corrales Society of Artists sponsored the creation of a video that provides a glimpse into the creation of the preview gallery and the final result. Viewers will get an idea amount of work the preview gallery team puts into creating the preview gallery and how wonderful the art looks in Casa Vieja. The video can be seen here.


As a result of lots of hard work by the many volunteers of the Corrales Society of Artists and support of our sponsors and village leaders, the 2019 CAST was the best yet and makes us very excited to look forward to the 2020 Corrales Art and Studio Tour!

Event Chairperson

Glenn Smith, (505) 797-7662,

Significant Dates

  • Reception: Thursday, April 30
  • Studio Tour: May 2-3
  • Times: 10am - 5pm