July 2021 Featured Artist – L. BaLoMBiNi

I don’t have a primary medium to work in. I’ve been a potter, weaver, jeweler, sculptor, painter in my life and I will choose materials that fit the thought. Right now acrylics are fast, easy and available.

I have a BFA in Ceramics and Fiber Arts. Painting came later as I needed to be less encumbered by equipment.

I’m an artist..and have always been. I work on creating art and marketing my work most days.

Rewards come when as a self motivated and self empowered person your efforts are received , appreciated and compensated for.

Inspiration is in the news, psychology, nature, self.

Obstacles for women artists are many. Some are self made..some societal. I can only do my best work and let it speak for itself.

Most of my work has little or no initial idea which makes doing commissions difficult. I can divide my work into two camps..thoughtful and thoughtless..planned and unplanned.. conscious and unconscious. I tend to like the thoughtless stuff best but when you are trying to pay the bills sometimes ” thoughtful “ pays for food.

Collaboration sounds lovely..but can be weighted down with constraints. Having said that there are many ways we as artists can collaborate with each other and our community of artists.

Galleries are shy to take on new artists right now..they need time to learn to market to an online audience. It’s actually advantageous for collectors and curators right now..so many of us are online and accessible to view without all the travel and costs of shows. Artists are becoming more comfortable showing what we are doing right now..today..in our studios. With less need for an agent artists can give themselves more freedom to create what they want.

I have had open studio/galleries in Maine, North Carolina and now Corrales and Albuquerque, New Mexico. I’ll be showing new work at Ghostwolf Gallery in Old Town as we slowly reopen to visitors in March and my home studio is open by appointment.

Giving advice is tricky..we are all different in what outcome we expect and what roads will lead us there. I do know that thinking someone will eventually come and discover your great talent is absolutely bunk..open doors..join groups ..make noise.

Let’s surround ourselves with art, color, music and textures we love..it will make life more enjoyable.


L. BaLoMbiNi / red paint studio