Beth Waldron Yuhas

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Acrylic Painting

Born in Virginia, I’ve lived in a few states out west and decided to stay in New Mexico. I live in Corrales with my husband/best friend, our boys, and our goofy great danes, cats, and chickens. We’re out here living the homestead life, making gardens and home-brewing beer. Geology brought us to New Mexico in 2003, and our life looks much different now, but the desert landscape and all of its poky plants and creatures became home. I’m an animal lover and animals often become the subject of paintings.

I explore nature and the world through paint. Animals, textures, and colors show up with a mix of realism and intuitive abstraction. It’s a sort of meditative process that begins with seeing an image of the painting in my mind’s eye…and usually takes off somewhere different with a mind of its own. I do figurative work from time to time as well, and though I mostly paint with acrylic, I also use pastels, watercolor, encaustics, resin, and oils.

Photography is another passion of mine and during geology grad school I picked up my camera as a fun distraction to make art, which led to about 10 years as a wedding and portrait photographer. I’m inspired by light, the changes in colors between light and shadow, and life cycles in nature. I love taking photographs of dried plants, bones, abandoned places and animals.

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