Christiane Couvert

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Christiane was born into a family of artists beginning with her father who worked with wood and other media.  Her brother is a sculptor and her sister is a professional in the art industry.  Additionally, Christiane is deeply influenced by the multi-cultural experiences gained through years of traveling throughout Africa, Asia, Europe, and the Middle East. Christiane also brings into her work her 30 plus years of working as a physical therapist, as well as the training, centeredness, and inner discipline as yoga and martial arts teacher.  There are stories reflected in every piece she creates.

Creating art, is a way of stating an opinion, or expressing feelings…  In a manner of speaking, these emotions act as first firing the ceramic pieces that I make.   The process begins as a meditation as I center the clay on my wheel.  And through a tactile dialog between the clay, the porcelain and my hands, most times, the clay becomes functional and pleasing piece of pottery.