Doreen Garten

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Keep it simple. In our designs, special attention is given to light, movement and the energy expressed in each pieces’ simple lines. We strive for each piece to tell a story.

Tarnish-resistant sterling silver – the sterling silver is alloyed with platinum instead of copper which creates a tarnish resistant piece of jewelry.

Mike – has a fascination of stones and the extraordinary expression each stone possesses. He carries the same passion when working, cutting and polishing, with stones.

Doreen – a modernist designer of abstract jewelry strives to create clean sleek lines. Each piece is designed to be timeless; worn for that special occasion as well as to be worn every day. Let’s have fun!

Eco-Friendly Studio – in our effort to leave as little of a carbon footprint as possible, we are designing our studio to be green having installed solar tube lighting, recycle cotton clothing instead of using paper products, use vegetable-based polish in place of petroleum, etc…

Mike & Doreen Garten