Paula Sussman

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“I  am a US-based artist, and I paint large expressive, colorful paintings mostly in acrylic about my feelings and my surroundings. Some of my paintings are stories about unpleasant events that happened in my life. I started  oil painting when I was seven years old and since then art  has become a coping mechanism for me where I unload my emotional baggage and create art.”

Paula Sussman discovered an aptitude for painting at a young age but wanted a more practical career.  After high school she attended FIT in NYC for a marketing degree but after getting an associate degree regretted not going to art school.  She decided to attend a program with FSU in Florence, Italy where she studied art and italian.  Italy really ignited  her love of art and she applied to Pennsylvannia Academy of Fine Arts and University of Pennsylvania BFA program.
After Sussman got her BFA she got married and had two children and lived in NYC, Bozeman Mt, San Antonio, Texas and then got divorced in 2021 and moved to Corrales, New Mexico.  In 2020 she won the Onderdonk award from the San Antonio Art League and Museum which was a highlight of her art career.   \
Sussman is a member of the Corrales Art Society, the art league of New Mexico, and the San Antonio Art league and Museum.  She is currently working on new work and starting Atelier 419 in Corrales, NM which will be a co op work space and gallery.