Beth Larsen

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Acrylic Painting

I love exploring the expression of thoughts, experiences and sense of place through abstract paintings. Color, shapes and paint help me communicate when words fall short. The process of art making is blissful and fulfilling, challenging and exciting.

In mixed media pieces, scraps of fabric bits are finding their way into my work. My cyanotype works were created with natural plant material and embellished with layers of acrylic paint, sometimes as an underpainting, sometimes over the print.

To say I am self-taught would be an error. For nine years, I was executive director of a nonprofit art education organization for children. I organized workshops where parents and grandparents were trained to teach art lessons in their children’s classrooms. Each workshop began with a background lecture on the artist / genre being studied. Years of attending inspiring lectures and learning about art history and art-making techniques inform my work. Besides taking local art classes, I’ve enjoyed online classes from wonderful artists all over the world.