Karen Dorweiler

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I have run a solo ceramic studio for almost fifteen years. Mostly I make small adorable creatures. I have a background as a wildlife biologist and my art is strongly influenced by that and my family’s collection of Beatrix Potter figurines. I have made things with clay, aluminium foil or any other pliable material since I can remember; I am largely self taught with occasional forays into other peoples’ studios to learn. I grew up on the west coast with the majority of my life spent in Seattle where I sold work at the Pike Place Market and at various venues – it’s a big reason why fish, whales and the ocean sometimes creep into my work here in the middle of the high desert! I moved to New Mexico in part because I have a form of arthritis that is fusing my spine and the drier, warmer conditions are helpful – though I still issues with it and can be a little unreliable (I ask for patience). I have shown my work at the Ghostwolf Gallery in Albuquerque and I sell my stuff at the Downtown Grower’s Market in Albuquerque on Saturday mornings during the spring and summer.