The Corrales Society of Artists (CSA) invites artists in Corrales and greater Albuquerque area to consider joining and becoming a CSA member. Membership is open to all New Mexico artists. Artists need not reside in Corrales to be a member. Artists wishing to show and sell their work at CSA sponsored events, must be CSA members.

CSA promotes a vibrant and distinctive artistic community in Corrales and New Mexico by promoting, exhibiting and providing venues for showing and selling artwork of established and emerging artists through art exhibitions and educational programming, and by serving as a resource to all who seek to expand their appreciation, knowledge, understanding and enjoyment of art. There are currently over 100 members.

A jury process is used to accept new members. Only work that could be classified as art or artistic crafts is considered.  Food products, personal care items (soaps, lotions, etc.), assemblies, or items offered for resale are not considered for jurying.

Membership allows all members to participate in all sponsored events. Once juried, members are not required to undergo any other jury process unless they want to expand to show artwork in a new medium. Annual dues are $80 for the fiscal year.

Membership Guidelines

Membership Application

Member Meeting Schedule