Ken Wallace

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Photography is a passion that I have enjoyed and pursued over the last 50 years. Its many facets provide a multitude of ways to express myself while creating beauty for others to see. My main goal in producing art is to always create thought-provoking scenes that trigger emotion within the viewer.

I have a variety of interests so my photography tends to be very eclectic. I’m also constantly experimenting with new techniques which further expand the eclectic nature of my art. The majority of my photos reflect nature, mechanical objects, architecture or history. My love of nature and all things mechanical were developed during my childhood working on my family’s farm. My love for architecture and history developed during my Air Force days when I traveled to all corners of the world.

Today I continue to travel in search of new adventures and the next great photo. I always have my camera in-hand and enjoy the spontaneity of shooting in the moment. The best part though is when I get home and start looking for that “gem” in the myriad of photos taken. It’s exciting to find that unexpected shot that I can develop into a stimulating image.