Thomas Boldt

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I love the idea of functional art in our daily lives and rituals. We can develop a relationship with a cup or a bowl that goes beyond utility. I have always focused on the vessel, and think of its use to sustain life. The vessel has been used to store our grains, hold water and wine, and serve our families and friends. It is a symbol of abundance and fertility

I received a fine arts degree at the University of Illinois in 1991. In school I focused on large sculptural amphoras, decorated with deep carvings. I then moved to Santa Cruz, Ca. where I learned to really appreciate pottery and its rituals. I spent countless hours working on the wheel, learning the mindfulness it takes to throw, and repeat forms.

My wife and I relocated to Corrales NM in 2009. Today my work continues to evolve, inspired by the local environment and cultures from here and around the world. I am continually experimenting with a growing palette of colors, learning new shapes and textures. Lately, I am having fun with teapots, creating landscapes on vases and platters, and again working on large decorative pieces.