Stephanie Baness

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Fused Glass
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I grew up in Illinois, graduated with a BFA from Loyola University, Chicago (Mundelein College), and studied glass at Sheridan College in Oakville, Ontario. Although my degree is in fine art, I did not fall in love with creating until I began to work with glass. When I first felt the heat of the furnace while gathering molten glass, I was hooked.  This medium is the great seducer – not only is it beautiful and magical, but the physical and chemical attributes also appeal to my need to continuously discover and learn.  In my work, I am always exploring and pushing the properties of glass. Using the heat of the kiln to form my work, I am constantly striving to play with the interactions of transparent and opaque glass, solid and open forms, and the reactions between the various colors that strike in the heat at various temperatures. I approach creating as a hybrid of science and art, recording successes, hypothesizing about potential outcomes, and testing new ideas. The artistry and the chemistry of glass engage me and fuel my creativity, pushing me out of my comfort zone.