Bill Sabatini

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Colored Pencil
Ink / Resin

Originally from Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, Bill was fortunate to have his artistic talent recognized and supported my family and teachers. At an early age he knew I wanted to be an architect. He attended a small liberal arts college, Franklin and Marshall College, where he majored in fine art and art history. That experience enabled him to pursue and earn a Master of Architecture at the University of New Mexico. Now, after 40 years of successful architectural practice, he is resuming a life long dream as a fine artist.

His architectural design was characterized by simple form, dramatic patterns of color, light and shade, visual simplicity, and the important relationship of positive and negative space. So it is with his art. He is inspired and influenced by the pure light, strong form, varied textures, vibrant color and most importantly by the dramatic contrasts of the southwestern landscape–blue and orange skies, green and red earth, yellow vegetation and purple shadows. With a passion for drawing, he uses line as a means to create movement and direction and as contrast in scale to simple planes and forms. He revels in color and its ability to elicit emotion. He strives to create simple, memorable and emotionally charged imagery.