Mark Keeling

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I grew up in Albuquerque and made the transportation field my career for the majority of my adulthood. I moved around the country for 20 years and found my way home in 2010. I have had many hobbies, one of them was motorcycles. I gave up motorcycle riding about 6 years ago and needed a new hobby. I ran across a belt / disc sander that my dad had, I turned it on and started sanding a pallet board. As the sander removed the wear and tear of the boards life I saw the natural beauty that it was hiding, that began my love for woodworking. I now try to see the inner beauty of each piece of wood I work with. My love for woodworking led me to wanting a bigger shop, I found it in the north valley where my wife and I have discovered a less stressful life raising chickens and learning to garden.