Elzbieta Kaleta

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Paper Collage

In my art I employ shapes, textures, patterns and colors using the finest papers: acid free and color fast. Some, I paint or stain to desired effects.
All artwork elements are cut freehand with the scissors and assembled on a museum board or on canvas with the use of archival adhesives.
I create several kinds of designs:
• single color scissor paper cutouts,
• multicolored paper cutouts in which basic shapes are decorated by the application of several layers of smaller cutouts to achieve vibrant color effects,
• juxtaposition of graphic paper cutouts with collage backgrounds involving the use of handmade papers, my photographs, fabrics, embroidery, and thread.
My lifelong passion for photography resulted in a big collection of images
focused on the beauty of nature forms, objects touched by time, repetitive
patterns, and striking typography caught in the image.
My subject matter originates from my life experiences, beliefs, passions and vivid imagination. Being raised and educated in Poland, studying biology (Ph.D.), working in research, living in New Mexico, all resulted in:
• bright, fanciful folk art designs,
• compositions showing admiration and respect of nature,
• and those, which remind us about importance of love, peace, kindness, compassion, and friendship.