Corrales Update – New Mexico Arts and Cultural Districts Program

Corrales has received the endorsement of the New Mexico Arts Commission as a start up community in the New Mexico Arts and Cultural Districts program. The invitation to participate in this program recognizes the considerable collaboration and accomplishments of organizations and businesses in Corrales in promoting its artistic and cultural heritage.

About New Mexico Arts and Cultural Districts

New Mexico Arts & Cultural Districts (ACDs) promote the exceptional art and history of New Mexico in unique communities that create dynamic and economically vibrant districts. New Mexico’s ACDs represent the breadth of New Mexico’s cultural heritage, celebrate historic sites, traditional and contemporary art forms and offer a variety of opportunities in the visual and performing arts, as well as agriculture and experiential offerings.

New Mexico’s ACD Program was created to leverage and create partnerships in existing local community economic development organizations with arts and cultural organizations; combining existing assets, skills, finances, services and resources.

State-authorized ACDs receive incentives and assistance with developing cultural plans and enhanced historic tax credits for the rehabilitation of historic structures within the district.

Next Steps

Specific next steps have not been determined yet. A State Review Team visited Corrales in September and spent the day touring Corrales and meeting with representatives from the Village. During the exit report, members of the team offered praise for the accomplishments achieved by the Village in promoting art and the cultural history of the Village. We are awaiting a formal report that will summarize their visit and provide direction for our next steps, which will likely be directed toward the development of art and cultural economic plan.

We are proud of this accomplishment and think the planning and focus on the arts and cultural history will not only benefit local artists, but also the residents of Corrales and the general public.

Details on specific next steps will be communicated as they are developed.