Karen Smart

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Egg Tempera & Gold Leaf

Welcome to the supernatural world of iconography!

A pilgrimage to the Holy Land in 2006 inspired me to study under Dmetri Andrejev of the Prosopon School in New York. In 2007, I graduated from the Denver Catholic Biblical School. This would be the foundation of my training and my on-going love affair with icons.

Rendered in the Byzantine style, subjects are from the Old and New Testaments and include saints from both the Eastern & Western Church. I am committed to preserving the ancient method using egg tempera and gold leaf. The 22 step process produces a depth and vibrancy of color achievable by no other means.

Iconography is so much more than “art”! It is simultaneously a ladder and a window into heaven. It is a spiritual discipline akin to meditation wherein the Holy Spirit becomes the True Author and the iconographer merely an “inspired tool”. The complete icon, once blessed, is energetically connected to its heavenly prototype thus becoming a prayer tool and a window into the supernatural realm.

I offer lectures, private lessons and workshops at my home studio in Santa Fe which I share with my two pugs 🙂 For more information please visit my website : www.portalsiconography.com