Ric Speed

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Digital Art

Being a Gemini, I need balance in my life. I have a tenacious, hard-nosed practical side which I found useful for making a living programming, but there is also a creative side which must express itself. Being a compulsive techie, I have used computers to channel these creative forces into various forms including video and animation, music from sampled sounds, computer generated fractals and performance poetry. Recently, I have come to computer enhancement of digital photography as a medium of choice. Whereas traditional photography seeks to capture the world as it is (or at least appears), I choose to use the computer to extend photography into the realm of painting by adding depth and textural enhancements to the image that evoke a more impressionist or even surreal look and feel to the picture. I think the computer has given the artist the freedom to create new ways of thinking about and producing art, and I am doing my best to add my two cents to the discussion.