Cristina Sanchez

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Available Work

“My pieces pass through and emerge from the walls just as we cross borders to experience, survive, evolve or simply to live. The human figure is the protagonist. Defragmenting the body, carrying the rhythm of the composition and the volume of contrast. The materials used reflect the connection with simple roots.”

Cristina Sanchez is an accomplished artist born in Chihuahua, Mexico. Her experience spans nearly 20 years beginning with the development of painting skills in oil, acrylic and water colors. At the University of Chihuahua, she expanded her skills in painting and developed a passion for sculpting in various mediums including wood, clay and stone

Today she continues to focus on painting and sculpting. Her themes often include the human form and coexistences with the subconscious. The influence of Mexico’s pre-Hispanic roots is evident when considering her body of work as a whole. Cristina paints using a mixture of different materials and shapes, which can result in a three-dimensional effect, often appearing as though painted object wants to become a sculpture. Her sculptures reveal sets of negative spaces, smooth strokes and delicate lines, while maintaining the strength of human expression that characterizes her style.