Corky Baron

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Recycled Materials

Early in our marriage, my wife said that we weren’t going to sit around and watch TV, so we started taking a variety of art classes together. I was drawn to woods and metals. My creations are from a variety of recycled materials. Most of my newer creations are from a vintage wooden stockade picket fence, while others are from vintage wooden wagon wheel spokes. As I work with the stockade pickets, I pay homage to them, and imagine them as Great Protectors or Guardians of our backyard. The designs are burned into the weathered wood, then painted and finally dressed with found objects and materials, then they become great chiefs of the Po-Pi-Fe tribe. Po-Pi-Fe is taken from the first two letter of the words Pointed Picket Fence.

I met and was mentored by a silver artist named Tony Davis. He taught me how to work with metals and jewelry. I feel, through all the classes and people we have met along the way and as long as I have my imagination, I will continue to create art from the great variety of materials we have on this earth.