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The window to apply for the 2018 Corrales Art & Studio Tour will close soon. Seventy-seven artists have applied for this year's event and final planning is underway. For more information, contact Glen Smith, gsmith473@comcast.net.

CSA Welcomes Nine New Members

Nine new members were juried into CSA recently. They include Darryle Bass, Pauline Eaton, Barbara Burzillo,Barbara Fajardo, Norma Sanchez MacQuigg, Victoria Mauldin, Anthony Radler, Ivana Starcevic, nd Cynthia Wister. Each artist brings a wealth of experience and talent to the organization. Watch for more in depth information on the artists in upcoming CSA newletters.

Bass is known for his southwest gourd folk art. His work has been shown in the New Mexico State Fair, Corrales Harvest Festival, Santa Fe Fiesta, as well as the native Treasures Show.  His art includes resin sculpted faces, cloth, leather, and gem stones and is presently shown at the Corrales Bosque Gallery.

Pauline Eaton works in water color, mixed media and sculpture. She is a founding member of the Corrales Bosque Gallery and instrumental in the formation of the Corrales Art Studio Tour.  Eaton's work has been shown nationally and internationally. She is a painter, as well as a student and instructor.

Burzillo is a sculptor and painter. She works in oil-based clay and casts her figurative pieces in bronze. Primarily an abstract painter, she easily moves between oil, acrylic and alcohol ink. She has participated in the Placitas Studio Tour, Placitas Holiday Sale, Weems, NM Arts & Crafts Fair and the Rio Grande Arts & Crafts Fairs. Her gallery representation includes, Weems, Hoot Gallery and Metallo.

Fajardo crafts polymer clay jewelry with custom colors that are blended, layered and hand cut, cured and buffed. She had participated in the Rio Grande Arts & Crafts Fair, ACRE Wholesale and Art in Parks events. She is a current member of Yucca Gallery.

Sánchez is a painter and also a sculptor focusing on the human form and coexistence with the subconscious. Her experience spans nearly 20 years beginning in developing skills in painting in oil, acrylic and water colors.  She attended the University of Chihuahua where she expanded her skills not only in painting but developed a passion for sculpting in various mediums. Her work can be seen at Corrales Bosque Gallery and Haley Henman.

Mauldin is a painter inspired by the beauty of nature and the extraordinary and fleeting moments when animals and wildlife interact with one another or the sun lights up the trees. She works in oils and acrylics and describes her work as contemporary realism. "I am a daily painter and enjoy painting miniatures to large scale pieces and often intentionally opt for alternating to the opposite size as a way of staying balanced and challenged." She is a member of the Rio Grande Art Association and NM Art League and displays her work at the Gathering Artist’s Gallery, and the Rainmakers Resort in Ruidoso, NM.

Radler uses steel, fire and timber to build his art-inspired pieces. He looks for challenges and works that intriques him. Then he draws, redraws, until he finds the design that works for him, systematically breaking down each piece to the raw components to then produce a final product.

Starcevic uses both traditional and state-of-the art digital technology to create her art. "My love for interdisciplinary mixed media possibilities is deep-rooted. Over a long career I explored various disciplines and techniques, letting intuition guide me towards the crossroads of ceramics, photography, graphics, sculpture, painting and technology." She has a MFA in Mixed Media from the Academy of Applied Arts University in Belgrade and art exhibition history that includes international, national, and local venues, with works in a number of museum, public, and private collections.​

Wister is a painter and a former member who has chosen to rejoin the organization. She works in both oil and watercolor creating vivid landscapes. Inspired by theSandias, the Bosque, and the nearby Jemez Mountains, her work is fresh and colorful.  She grew up in a family of artists and gardeners, and sketched and painted from a young age. She majored in painting at Rhode Island School of Design where drawing, composition, and expressive color were emphasized. Her work has been shown at Matrix, Gathering Artists, past CSA functions, locally in Los Ranchos, where she is a resident, and the Alameda Studio Tour.

Victoria Mauldin

Cristina Sánchez

Anthony Radler

Cynthia Wister

Ivana Starcevic

Darryle Bass

Barbara Burzillo

Pauline Eaton

Barb Fajardo

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According to CSA president, Diane Cutter, Art in the Park has gone away. "I was asked the other day if the rumors are true that Art in the Park is no longer.  Yes, it’s true.  AIP had a long, successful run.  But like with many things, it has slowly dwindled in artists interested in setting up and in art shoppers."

In her newsletter column, Cutter said,"Fortunately, for CSA members still wanting an outdoor selling venue in Corrales, Makers Market has filled the gap. It was extremely successful last summer on its maiden run.  Tammy Wenderlich and I got together to see how we can work together.  Happily, it will be a long season of 18 Sundays, June through September …  and she is giving CSA members a 5 fee reduction.  This is definitely a win-win for all.  We’ll have more details later in the spring. I hope that you will consider participating.  I know I am."


At the same time, Cutter is putting out a call for Treasurer. Unfortunately, Tammy Meyer had family/work conflicts so that position on the Board is now open.  If your interests run toward finances, please let Cutter know.  This is an excellent opportunity to be on the Board and see where your yearly fees/dues are going.  The work is not too taxing (no pun intended) and there is plenty of help from past Treasurers.


We also are looking for someone to take charge of the Holiday Art Fest.  There is a long history for this yearly winter event.  Past chairpersons have left excellent files and suggestions, so the job has been made a lot easier (no reinventing the wheel).  Contact Cutter if you are interested.

Rumors are True About

Art in the Park

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Suanne Derr New CSA Treasurer

CSA just announced the appointment of Suanne Derr as the new treasurer as the new treasurer of the organization. Derr is the owner of Frame-n-Art and Sculpture Garden located in Corrales, NM and the former president of the local Kiwanis club. Frame-n-Art offers high-quality framing at a very competitive price. The company is involved in the community and community arts programs.

The company started hosting the “Young in Art” Show in 1997 with the first school, Corrales Elementary.According to Derr, "When we found out the local elementary only had art every other year, we saw an opportunity to bring something special to the community and encourage young artists."  

The “Young in Art” show has expanded to four different schools in the past few years.For the family-owned business, the art shows take a considerable amount of time and effort. The energy and resources necessary to organize and host the events include selecting the art, lining up local artists to jury the children’s artwork, and an awards reception for each school.

"The night of the reception when we present the awards, we always have a full house. In our space that means that between seventy-five to more than one hundred people. Besides the kids, we have teachers, parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles, neighbors, the local artist judges, members of the Kiwanis Club of Corrales, along with other community members and local dignitaries," said Derr.

Please help us welcome Ms. Derr. Stop in Frame-n-Art, located on Corrales Road, just south of the Village Mercantile on the west side of the road.