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Featured Artist: Jenn Noel

Jenn Noel, Clay Artist

Jenn Noel has been working with clay for more than 20 years. As a potter, the process of forming clay into a functional piece of pottery is a journey for Noel. "I enjoy each step and the process involved. Working with clay commands your complete attention and has taught me to slow down, focus and pay more attention to the smallest details."

Noel creates functional ceramics with the intent on bringing artistic beauty into everyday objects. She challenges the way we see ordinary things, showing that they can be both beautiful and useful.

She manages to keep her work fresh by experimenting with glazes and materials. "Having my own studio allows that freedom to experiment," said Noel. "I love to add materials to the glaze – ash from the fireplace to broken crushed up glass, so each piece is truly one-of-a-kind." Noel's mother, who as a geologist, has had a strong influence on Noel. It has encouraged her to experiment with different soils from around the state and has provided her with an excellent resource to find unique ways to experiment with glazes.

Noel also recycles. "I reuse materials that have been discarded as trash in my work and through heating and cooling, change them into beautiful works of functional art.

According to Noel, she has the perfect life. "I balance my need to help people and create artwork by working as both a nurse at Lovelace Women's hospital in neonatal intensive care unit two days a week and by working as a ceramic artist the other five days!"

In addition to selling her pottery at CSA events, Noel sells her work at a variety of galleries around the Albuquerque area, including The Range Café in Bernalillo and the Hoot gallery in Placitas. She also is part of a two-person show titled "Music of the Spheres" at the Weyrich Gallery which opened February 2.

While she has a young family, out of town exhibitions and shows are not on Noel's agenda; however, it is something that she might like to do in the future. In the meantime, she does offers classes to folks interested in learning to work with clay. "I love teaching and watching people fall in love with pottery. I have come to think of it as like a play date with people who have the same love as I do."

When we ask Noel what advice would she give young budding artists, she responded, "Never give up, even when things do not go as planned, they will always work out they way they were suppose to and its always better than the way you had planned it."

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