Deborah Wilcox,

oil painting



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When I first heard the expression, 'The eyes are the windows to the soul”, I resonated instantly with those words. Yes! That is just it! If I can't capture the story in the eyes I don't have a portrait. I don't have the true person. The message! The story! The depth and the soul are all right there in the eyes! That is what calls to me and inspires me to gather my brushes…Man or Beast. That is the story that I tell with my oils and brushes and canvas. That is what has captivated me for as long as I remember. To tell the story

Some of my Warriors and horses have begun within a dream. I have awoken many times with having painted an entire painting within my dream…. being driven beyond words to actually capture the image on canvas immediately upon waking. I waken with the texture… the sounds….the smells….the rhythm still lingering. The story must be told!

Selling my first oil painting at age thirteen sealed me to a passion that has never faltered. I have been quietly painting, teaching and selling my works around an early marriage, raising a family and family business for over five decades.

Having painted since the age of ten, I cut my teeth on all manner of subjects. My earlier works encompass landscapes, florals, still-life's and of course portraits of everyday people. When the economy was at its worst, I kept my skills tuned by painting the locals of the village.

There is always a story waiting to be told!