Paul Tenoso, tool quality

stone, hand flaked, using

stone age tools and techniques



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The word, creativity, refers to a thought process and an inner authority.  I think that is the modality through which we can heal ourselves, our communities and learn to live in harmony with the natural world.  

Flint knapper, Paul FourHorns Tenoso, likes to “break art” as opposed to “make art,” one rock chip at a time.  He believes we can see the future, only by looking into the past, so his art invokes the stone age   to provoke the modern age.  

He calls hikes in the mountains, surfing the web, and daydreaming, “R and D.”  The rest of his waking time, is spent writing and reading poetry, year round gardening in a greenhouse, rock hounding, head hunting (arrowheads, look but don't touch), and Chelonian/Canine caretaking.