Sharon Schwartzmann, oil painting



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I am not afraid of private parts because I think they speak to a whole human being.

I come from a time and place when a woman's choices were teaching or nursing.  I married, had children,  divorced and have been separated ever since.  All through those years, I painted - some really bad but I kept trying.  I realized not oranges, not fields, but figures.  I know there was something I needed, someone to find.

I moved to New Mexico 20 years ago in order to seriously work.  These have been good years, painful as hell, but have delved and plumbed and stiven, and my work is happening.  I am coming alive and as I do, so does my painting.  I am drilling down, shedding my mind, opening my memory.  The work is from my heart, simply put.  These days, I am frightened, still, but I am willing and every day is driving me forward.  I feel joyous.

The pieces represent feelings of strength and more specifically, of freedom.  My whole life has been an effort to fly free and to explain what I seem to know.  Femaleness is a gift, feminity per se, but being a person, whole and female.  I treasure images of my work they are all aspects of my Self.  I am the answer and the question.  It all becomes the reason to try, to achieve, tee and to be.