Dianna Shomaker, oil on canvas





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I've been a nurse, a university professor, a researcher, a dean, and an anthropologist; but through it all, I've been an artist, experimenting with, acrylic, oil, collage, and encaustic media.  Paintings can be such powerful tools for expressing the things we value.  This is why I paint – it gives me another voice in my world.  What I paint – as well as how I select my design and palette – is as close as I can get to expressing those feelings whose meanings cannot be conveyed through words alone. I want my paintings to take the viewer into that nebulous world and convey a deeper meaning. I want the viewer to stop and be drawn into a thoughtful study of the work.  Painting provides me with greater freedom to focus on such messages in a more creative way.  I try to inspire myself to think more deeply and to be more creative in the unfolding of a drama on canvas.  I hope you enjoy the journey with me.