Yoka Roos-Huddleston,

mixed media art dolls





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Sewing, engineering, and design are trademarks of my family. Textile art is my favorite medium because it incorporates everything I have been taught about fabrics, yarns, threads, fibers, and more.

My style is whimsical and the sculpted figures are totally handcrafted. All are one of a kind and the facial expressions are the key content of my work. It can take up to several months to complete a figure with an intricate design or one week for a small one.  

The world of figurative art dolls in soft cloth and mixed media was unknown to me until 2004 when I saw an artist's rendition. I began to study and create figures, and currently work on my own designs in 3-D cloth and clay sculpture. I am a member of the Corrales Society for Artists and my work is displayed at the Galeria de Corrales in New Mexico.