Diane Cutter, printmaker

(relief & etchings)

scratchboard drawings





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Like many artists I work in various mediums.  But recently my main concentration has been printmaking and scratchboard.

When creating a scratchboard piece, I love the challenge of working monochromatically, breathing life into a black inked board through thousands of scratches, revealing the white underlying area to convey an image or an idea. Scratchboard has brought me back to what first attracted me to art:  detailed drawing.

Printmaking allows for many directions and permits me to work more loosely, simplifying an image to the fewest marks made to convey an image.  Sometimes I work a woodcut or linocut, creating black and white relief images which tend to be bold and clean in their simplicity.  Other times I enjoy making a more complex image which is drawn onto a metal plate or glass, which is then transferred to a metal plate, and then printed, either by hand or using my press.