Barbara Clark, painting



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I “used to be" an accountant.  It seems a lifetime ago but that is the point.  For anyone else who dreams of a different life, my story is important because it shows all things are possible.  My journey brought me here, without the financial assistance of a pension, inheritance or a partner... and now I paint. I understand how lucky I am.

I am obsessed with painting outside, but I am also working BIG in the studio.  I really like the freedom of the arm movement and rhythm of working on large canvases, along with the brushwork of a larger piece.  In particular, I think I will be exploring skies and how to treat clouds.  So, I will work hard to continue to grow and walk a fine line between growth that may not be accepted, and the need to keep a roof over my head.

To give proper credit, I have studied in oils and pastels with Deborah Secor, Pietro Palladini, Deborah Paris, Fred Miller, Kim English, Susan Ogilvie, Larisa Aukon and Desmond O'Hagan.  I admire The Canadian Seven a great deal, along with Van Gogh, Monet, Klimt and Sorrolla among others.   I hope to connect with some of you along the way, and I hope to bring joy to you and others through my work.  I sincerely thank all of you who have helped make this possible.