Dennis Chamberlain,




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Dennis specializes in Southwestern Art photography, selling his work in five galleries in Santa Fe, Albuquerque and Corrales.  His photographic art ranges from pure unedited photographs to extensive Photoshop creations. He is a student of the science of creativity, and focuses on the theories of Shelley Carson of Harvard University.

His father was a life long employee of Eastman Kodak, and provided Dennis with cameras from the time he was seven.  Later, while in college, Dennis worked at Kodak's Dallas Processing Lab, gaining an uncensored view into some of life's most private moments as recorded on 35mm Kodachrome film.   His father was the Dallas Lab Manager at the time of the Kennedy assassination, and he processed the famous Zapruder film which to this day is the subject of controversy and conspiracy theories.

Dennis is the New Mexico Councilor for the Professional Photographers of America (PPA), and was PPA's New Mexico Photographer of the Year for 2011.  He was one of ten PPA members (out of 30,000 world wide) to receive the Master Artist category diamond medal in PPA's International Photographic Competition for 2016.   He is one of only two New Mexico photographers holding all three PPA degrees of Certified Professional Photographer, Master Photographer, and Master Artist.

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