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More than 50 percent of our present members are from areas surrounding the Village of Corrales. By trade, they are doctors, nurses, lawyers, teachers, engineers, computer gurus, writers, craftspersons and more.

Some are full-time artists–individuals who make their living solely through their art. Others are weekend artists–individuals that may or may not be in art or art-related fields but can only dedicate time to their craft on weekends; and lastly, retired individuals or those individuals, who are at that point in their lives that they are fulfilling a dream.

The one thing that each of these groups have in common, besides the desire to create their art, is the need for a venue and community to share their art.

That’s where CSA comes in. Our purpose is to serve our members, and to do that effectively, we are moving forward. Membership is open to all New Mexico artists and individuals supporting the arts. All members are required to go through a jury process.

Welcome New Member: Laura Balombini
Jenn Noel - Potter

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I’m new to Corrales having purchased a home in October after three years in Asheville, NC ’s River Arts District and another lifetime on the coast of Maine.

Red paint studio, my new gallery/work space in the Village Plaza on Corrales Rd. has been open a few months but already I’ve met lots of local artists and neighbors…and look forward to greeting more in the new year.

I am and have always been a full-time artist. At present I paint, design refashioned art to wear and seek venues to show and sell my work.

I’ve owned and run galleries, been a member of co-ops and artists’ groups and while I’m fine working on my own I appreciate the sharing of creative space to exchange ideas, opportunities and energy. I have space in my studio now to share with another artist. Text me or stop in if interested. I’m excited to be a new member of CSA and look forward to our spring studio tour and hope a few members might join me in the gallery. I’ll demo my version of abstract painting techniques with music and “hands on” from the audience…should be fun. I’m interested in bridging the gap between artist and client/collector and seek to share how what’s in my minds eye can be imagined on canvas and cloth music becomes color, memories and feelings appear as line and shape.

I’ll be sharing ideas and techniques in a few workshops this year..starting with “cold wax/oils” at the end of January. Info can be found on my website. I’ll host ”acrylics & hearts” for Valentines Day and “ BIG BRUSH..HOUSE PAINT”  later this spring. I learn just as much as the students and all are welcome. Sign up for news of events at , find me on Facebook, Instagram, etsy, Saatchi or Pinterest..and thanks for welcoming me into your world of sunsets, clouds and balloons !!!! Laura Balombini