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Message from CSA/NMAM President

Happy New Year Everyone!

A new year brings a spirit of revival and new energy.  I feel a sense of renewal and optimism for the arts community in Corrales.  We'll be considering new opportunities and taking actions that will bring important changes to CSA and, more importantly, the arts community in Corrales in 2016. 

Using data from the recent membership survey, CSA's  Board of Directors are taking a fresh look at who we are and ways to better support members and promote the arts. Planning for the 2016 Corrales Art & Studio Tour (CAST) has begun and it appears we'll have another record number of artists applying to participate.  We have another great planning team and we're excited about planning this grand event.  Art in the Park will undergo important changes that should make it a very attractive venue for artists and the Holiday Show will receive considerable attention in developing a new look. 

Under the direction of the Corrales Art Center, it appears likely that an Art Center will soon open in the Community Center building by the Village Offices.  There are also efforts to bring the art and cultural groups of Corrales together to discuss ways to  work together and support each other.  These are big steps towards further establishing Corrales as an art destination.

Here are highlights from the membership survey:

•There were 37 respondents (34% of membership).

•Nearly all supported a name change to the Corrales Society of Artists.

•Nearly half of the respondents were recent participants in CAST and/or Art in the Park .

•CAST was rated as the most important event.  Art in the Park also received a high rating.

•Over half of the respondents reported plans to participate in CAST.  About a third reported plans to participate in Art in the Park.

•Nearly all wanted Art in the Park to continue. Approximately 40% wanted the Holiday Art Fest to continue.

•Nearly all thought the event fee for Art in the Park was reasonable.

•85% supported moving Art in the Park to the soccer field by the Growers' Market.

•25% said they liked the idea of offering rental canopies for Art in the Park.

Many written comments were submitted - more than eight pages.  Respondents valued the services provided by CSA and offered a variety of creative and worthwhile suggestions to improve our services.  These comments will be considered during future planning meetings.

With strong member support, we will shorten our organization name to the Corrales Society of Artists. 

Changes for CAST include moving the Preview Gallery to the Old Church, placing information tents at entrance locations to Corrales, providing new signage and incorporating the map into the catalog. 

Art in the Park will be moved to the soccer field next to the Growers' Market.  We'll offer 2-4 rental canopies for artists who find it difficult to manage their own canopy.  New signage is also planned.  Discussions are underway to involve Village Pizza as a major event sponsor.   We will be considering a modification of the name of the event to acknowledge the move.  If you have any suggestions, let us know. 

It's clear the Holiday Art Fest will need some serious attention if it is to continue.  A committee will be convened this month to discuss the event.  Some very interesting ideas that have been suggested will be explored.  Every effort will be made to develop an event that will provide an attractive venue.  Individuals interested in participating on the committee should call or email me regarding their interest.

This is going to be a year to remember.  As always, good things don't happen without considerable effort and involvement from a lot of people.  If you haven't volunteered to help in a while, perhaps it's time to do so.  Come to our meetings.  Learn about what's going on and find ways to get involved that interest you and support what you want from CSA.  We are a creative and diverse group of talented people.  Working with these folks has been a delight for me and I invite you to join in, have some fun and make a difference.

Ken Duckert

In keeping with the name change, the website will change. We will also take the opportunity to move it from an unsupported software to a upgraded software program with growth potential. The transition is scheduled to be completed the first week in February.

Plans also include redirecting links, which may or may not effect access to the website. However, the ISP host has assured us that the impact would only be minutes if any.

Please remember to always dump your cache and refresh your browsers when accessing sites that are changing which you have tagged or bookmarked.

Watch for the New CSA Website Design

Do you have a Canopy to Sell?

CSA will purchase two to four canopies for Art in the Park.  The canopies will be available to members to reserve.  For a nominal fee, we will have canopies set up and taken down.  If you have a used canopy that still in good shape, let me know your price.  Let's deal.

        Paid Jobs Available

       We're looking for someone who will set up, take down and store canopies for Art in the Park.  The job will be paid an attractive fee.  If you know of someone who would like to take on this job, pass on their contact info to Ken Duckert or have them email

        We will pay a nominal fee for persons to supervise the Preview Gallery and the information tents at the entrance points to Corrales during CAST.  If you know of someone who would be interested, pass along their contact information to Ken Duckert or have them email

2016 Leadership Changes

There is one change in elected officers for 2016. 

Ric Speed who has served as Secretary will take on a new CSA position, Data Manager.  Denise Elvrum will vacate her At Large Board position to become the new Secretary. 

We had another unfilled At Large Board position.  The two new At Large Board members, Cathy Gormley and Tammy Wenderlich,  will be introduced at the January 13 Board meeting.  

Dave Sabo will be retiring as Chair of the Jury Review Committee.  We extend our warmest thanks to Dave for his outstanding leadership as Chair and welcome Sandy Corless as the new Chair.

Ken Duckert (President), Amy Ditto (Vice President) and Ron Klimek (Treasurer) will continue in their elected positions for the coming year.

The Corrales Society of Artists

invites you to apply to the

18th Annual Corrales

Art & Studio Tour

April 30 - May 1, 2016,

10:00 5:00 p.m